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  • Choose a platform
  • Register a Spreadshop:Log
  • into the Visit this partner area using exactly one of the following links:In the same browser session, visit one of the following pages page of the appropriate platform to retrieve your API Key. This will only work if you are already logged in as described above.:


  • The API described here is loosely based on REST principles. This means among other things that all endpoints can be accessed via HTTPS and HTTP clients like curl or postman can be used directly to explore the API.
  • The base url for all requests is for eu or for na. (This only applies to REST resources, images are retrieved from or
  • All requests have to be made with HTTP headers "Authorization" and "User-Agent". The authorization header must include your API key and the user agent header must include the name of your application, then its version, followed by a domain and a contact email address: 

    Header KeyHeader Value FormatExample Header Value
    AuthorizationSprdAuth apiKey="<apikey>"SprdAuth apiKey="dd30b4db-8cd6-4fb8-86b3-e680984b9e18"
    User-Agent<YourApplication>/<YourApplicationVersion> ( (

    Failing to provide this information may result in your requests getting blocked at any point in time because traffic of unknown source can be considered illegitimate.

  • All requests should be performed with a ?mediaType=json query parameter to get the responses in the recommended JSON format. Leaving the parameter out may or may not result in a response in XML format which is harder to work with.
  • All REST resources return HTTP status code 200 or 201 in case of successful requests. Status codes from the 4xx range indicate a mistake on your side while errors from the 5xx range indicate an error on ours.
  • Timestamps are returned in ISO8601 format.