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If you are currently running had a custom system running based on a Legacy User Area (LUA) shop and your implementation broke in September or October 2019, it is because your account will be was migrated to the Partner Area (PA) mid of September. Unfortunately for you, . This tutorial will show you how to adjust your implementation to get your custom system working again. If you do not know what the LUA is, this tutorial is not relevant to you.

Your custom system broke because the PA is not just another frontend, but because the domain entities we work with are slightly different and slightly different API endpoints have to be used. Your integration has thus to be adjusted to keep working as explained below.

Which parts of Spreadshirt's API are still valid and what exactly changed?


Yes. Every idea and sellable references a design. The designs can thus be considered an alternative view on the data you manage in the Partner Area. However, in standard implementations, using these resources should not be necessary.




If you do not own a Partner Area based shop yet, but need something "in hand" to develop your implementation, you can rely on the example shop 100488332 provided by us. The shop is available on the European platform (.net) only. You can use articleId=999999999 to test the legacy article mapping resource in this shop.

I am using a non-official designer-tool integration. How can I enable editing of sellables for my customers?