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sellableIdUnique identifier for the sellable. Necessary to query the detail resource mentioned below as well as for the add-to-basket request.
ideaIdIdentifies the uploaded design. Necessary to query the detail resource but also useful to group content by design if desired.
mainDesignIdIdentifies the main image/design which is used for this Idea (usually the first design you add in the Partner Area). Can be used if you want to use  the Designs Resource in combination with this resource.
productTypeIdIdentifies the 'type of garment' used. Can be used to lookup additional meta data from the product type resources described here.
priceAlways in the currency of the shop. Check this for hints on how to format the price in a user-friendly way.
nameThe text you entered in the Partner Area.
descriptionThe text you entered in the Partner Area (optional).
tagsThe text you entered in the Partner Area (optional).
previewImageAn image we deem best suited to represent the sellable on a list page.
previewImage/urlThe image url you can embed directly into your page.
previewImage/typeDescribes the type of image available from the url using one of the following values: PRODUCT, DESIGN, MODEL, ALTERNATIVE_MODEL. 
appearanceIdsThe 'colors' a sellable currently has available for purchase. If you need more information on the colors, the product type resource here is useful. 
defaultAppearanceIdThe default 'color' you can set in the Partner Area. This is the color the previewImage is in. It also provides a good starting point when linking to a detail page.

Please note that this resource returns a maximum of 9504 sellables or 198 full pages. The page parameter must thus always be between 0 and 197 (inclusively).

Implementation remarks: For advanced implementations, it is usually best to import the content of the sellable list into your own data base in regular intervals (for example once every 24h).
This allows you to implement a custom navigation structure, filters, etc. according to your needs.