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After you have created your Spreadshop you are ready to manage your assets at any time in the Partner Area. This is the only supported way to manage your shops, designs and products.

Product data import

While it is possible to build a shop entirely using The use the full potential of a custom shop implementation it is recommended to import all data into your own database. It might be possible to use the Public Shop API as single source it is not recommended. You will a direct data source for your shop but the feature set is small and performance will suffer. For example, you would not be able to introduce all kinds of filtering and sorting options because these are NOT built into the Public Shop API. That means that you should fetch (periodically or on demand) all sellables via the Public Shop API and import them to YOUR database. Once you have imported this data you can build a frontend that meets your requirements. The only thing that should require direct API access based on customer action is the Basket API.


There is no Public API available for uploading or updating ideas or sellables. This should be done via the Partner Area.
Note that not only the content you upload in the Partner Area, but also the shop settings affect the output of the sellable resources. For example, enabling model images affects the image URLs returned by the API.