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Within this page we will provide you an overview of what has been released and what is coming next.

For more information about our shop go here:

Released Versions

VersionRelease DateStatusChanges
  • display warnings for unsupported browsers
  • automatic redirects from the old to the new shopsystem
  • minor bugfixes
  • Promotions inShop
  • Payment and shipping information within footer
  • Setting for redirect old to new shop
  • Google Analytics
  • Google Webmaster
11.15 Released
  • Designoverview
  • SpreadShop as default for new partner
  • New Administration Interface for the shop administration
  • Automatically created products for the shop
  • Bugfixes for SEO (Meta Description and Title, Open Graph integration)
  • Manual Product Type Sorting




  • Header Image definition w/o writing HTML
  • Reintroduce Website URL for redirect
  • SEO optimisation (ALT tags in images)
  • Shop migration support (old to new shop)
  • Definition of own color schme
  • Text Personalistion on product detail pages
  • Optimisation of design based shop
  • Bugfixes
  • Bugfixes
  • Introduction webp as image format
  • New zoom on list pages (including sharing)
  • Bugfixes
  • SEO enhancements (usage of shop description and removal of "T-Shirts, Hoodies and more"-term,
  • Integration of shop administration in new partner area project
  • Integration of t-shirt designer administration into new partner area project
  • Deactivation of social sharing on list pages
  • Bugfixes
  • Increase of upload limit for shop gfx from 500kb to 4MB
  • minor Bugfixes
  • Preparation for Affiliate Commission
  • minor Bugfixes
  • New Detail Page Layout
  • Performance optimization
  • Bugfixes
  • Fix Problems of js integrated shops that are in conflict with bootstrap and other frameworks
  • Loading of zoom images only when used not always - to improve performance
  • Bugfixes for SpreadShop Administration
  • Support of text editing on new detail page
  • Bugfixes
  • Analytics ID can now be defined in advanced settings -> seo (will be renamed to tracking)
  • Bugfixes
  • Minor Bugfixes
  • Minor Bugfixes
  • Deeplinkable Basket Page
  • no changes planned due to long term projects
  • Partners can deactivate automatically created products on the detail page (you can either turn it off or dispay only products you created - with the same design as the original product)
  • Bugfix for users of the new partner area
  • Rework of the Shop Administration with Shop Preview in the Administration
  • Activation/Deactivation of headlines on list pages (for SEO optimization)
  • Activation/Deactivation of Article Names on List Pages
  • Multilanguage support for the SpreadShop
  • Definition of own tracking pixels
  • Activation of "alternative" background color for design based shops (product type color of the first article the design is used on will be displayed)
  • Bugfixes
  • Bugfixes
  • Bugfixes
  • Display of design/article details on detail pages
  • Show/Hide prices on list pages
  • Integrate Tablomat into SpreadShop
  • Extend tracking options for the shop
  • Bugfixes
  • Shop Search
  • Rework basket to switch technology base
  • Remove wishlist due to low usage
  • Restyling of Tablomat to match SpreadShop
  • Fix Tablomat errors for broken deeplinks
  • Remove version parameter after releases to prevent indexation issues
  • Deeplink into baskets for js integrated shops
  • minor bugfixes
  • Release of migration information that all Designer Shops will be migrated to SpreadShop
  • Shops now support multiple currencies
  • Shop Opening Promotion → Newly created shops have an opening bonus to push sales
  • Migration of Designer Shops to Spreadshop
  • Integrate social media profiles into shop
  • Integrate google analytics (e-commerce) and facebook tracking into spreadshop
  • Optimization of custom tracking to prevent problems with Safari
  • Bugfixes for automatically created products
  • Usage of shop category descriptions in meta data to optimize SEO results
  • Rework multilanguage shops to work on different TLD
  • Migrate ALL old shops to the new shop system
  • Homepage for the shop (HTML based/no templates at the beginning)
  • New filters for size and product color
  • No labels


  1. Anonymous


    Please put high priority on enabling a suffix variable in the config for deeplinking of integrated shops - this is critical.

    Thanks for your support!

  2. Anonymous

    First I want to let you know that I believe the new shop-environment will be better than the old one (as soon as everything is adjusted), but I think it's unbelievable that the new environment still has no basic helpinfo for customers on the first shoppage. There are some icons in the footer, but they are not active for info. And customers can click the "Not 100% satisfied" text, but te info that pops up is totally not helpful. There's no phonenumber or mailaddress for instance. And the text is mainly about personalising text which doesn't work at all in the new environment and is not planned to work in the near future!!!!! This makes no sense. For new customers it could be a reason not to buy and don't come back. 

    1. Thanks for you input!

      We are still improving the new shop and will continuously extend the functionalities. E.g. we recently added shipping and payment providers to the footer to provide more transparency for the user. We also have an item in our backlog that will take care of the mailaddress and phonenumber.

      Thanks again,

      the Spreadshop Team

  3. Anonymous

    When I click on a product via the link to my new NA/CANADA shop underneath the "add to cart" button there's this text: "printed in 1-2 days". I don't think this is helpful for customers. They want to know the delivery time. When I click on the text, the info that pops up is helpful.

    When I click on a product via the link to my new NL shop (I hope you release the .net version with "choose language" option very soon) there's this text: "delivery time 3-5 working days". That's helpful, but when I click on the text the info is about delivery to the UK (???) with no helpful (too short) info about speeding the delivery. This should be like the NA/CANADA info. I hope you will dive into this very, very soon.

    1. We will look at this inconsistency and thank you for the input.

  4. Anonymous

    Is it possible that the Facebook sharing option doesn't work properly yet? I get an "Error 404 Not Found" message every time I try to share a random product.....

    1. We recognized that this is an issue in some of the new shops. We are about to fix it and will release the fix next week. It is an issue with the way the url for sharing is build.

  5. Anonymous

    Good afternoon,

    Could you please let us know whether you are planning to (or not to) release a version in the future that allows deep-linking from within the javascript code snippet (what has been called the suffix feature)? This would make WordPress integration so much easier (and is easy still with the iframe approach).

    I've taken a quick look at the (unminimized) javascript code provided on but have not been able yet to modify the code to provide this feature.

    I'm not asking for the feature (although I would appreciate it), but I would like to know whether you're planning for it or not. And, if you do, if you have a time line for it. This will help me decide whether to try and continue to tinker with your javascript code to try and do it myself.

    (Note that I was unable to create a user account for this forum due to number of licenses had been exceeded.)

    Thanks much,





  6. Anonymous

    I need Spreadshirt's assistance. Whenever I try to adjust my shop's appearance I do not see any changes (even when I wait the recommended hour for the desktop store and a whopping four hours for the mobile shop). Nothing I do works. I uploaded a banner (828px x 220px) and even tinkered with the HTML and still nothing. I called Spreadshirt directly, left a few emails and still my shop is not responding. I don't know what I am doing wrong. The only thing that works is adding products. I can't begin selling if I don't know whether my shop is working properly. I don't know if the problem is with me or Spreadshirt. In any case, creating a shop should not be this difficult. It's coming to a point where I am contemplating deleting my Spreadshirt shop and account. This is getting ridiculous.

    1. Hi,

      can you please provide us with a link to your shop? This would make it easier to help you with your trouble regarding layout changes.

      Thanks ins advance.

  7. Anonymous

    Loving the new changes. Not sure if it's a bug or if if I'm doing something wrong. I'm trying to add the Google Webmaster Tools ID in the mobile shop settings screen. From what I could tell this is using the meta tag verification method, some help/tips on the settings screen would be appreciated or at least a link to a page explaining what each field expects.

    Anyway when I tried to enter the verification code the validation on the field rejected it because the code included an underscore _


    Is there a workaround for this?

  8. Hi there,

    We will change this with our next release.

  9. Anonymous

    I have been trying upload my banner since last week. In the Mobile Shop section under Shop Header I put:

    <div id="myHeader">
    <img src="[graphic file name]" alt="" />

    Nothing is appearing except for a little icon on the top of the screen. Am I doing something wrong or is it the new shop layout?


  10. Anonymous


    The Spreadshop in it's current state is unusable. There are only blank pop-ups on the footer menu links. Adding headers etc. requires users to know complicated code. There is no area that displays the shop description. The menu is not aligned on tablets or phones. The list goes on.

    I understand that you are still developing, but to release something like this in it's current state seems extremely unprofessional and unfair to your supporters/members.

    1. Hey,

      do you have a link to your shop with the blank pop-ups? Normally the links have content.

  11. Anonymous

    I need to fix a few things...

    How do I change the text color of the white drop down boxes from the header menu that has home, men, women, etc?  Its white until you run your mouse over it, then it changes to red.  I would like to change the static text color, as well as the hover background color.  

    I also need to change the text color in the shopping cart.  Its white against a light blue background and makes it difficult to see. redirects to my shop.  

    Thanks for your assistance.  

  12. Anonymous

    All these improvements are great, but like many designers, I still can't start using your company until you let me watermark or limit the resolution of my design images.  Right now you hand out 800x800 (bitmap) and 1200x1200 (vector) non-watermarked images of all designs to anyone who uses a simple URL with large size parameters.  This lets thieves steal all designs easily, and upscale them for unauthorized resale perpetually and worldwide.  This is an intellectual property nightmare and simply has to be fixed, or all the other improvements mean nothing.


  13. Anonymous


    Hi I wanted to open a shop but i was wondering do I have to sell certain amount of mech before it is shipped? Or is each order shipped when its placed ?

    Thanks for your time and have a great day


  14. Anonymous

    Will the shop upgrade include the ability to add featured items on the intro page, instead of the most recent uploaded items like with the previous shop?  Is there also a way to create a flash banner for the header; images cycling every three to five seconds?

  15. Anonymous

    Hieß es nicht, dass ende Januar die Möglichkeit eingebaut wird Designs anzupassen wie im Designershop. Wann kommt das?


  16. Anonymous

    Liest das hier überhaupt jemand. Siehe fragen oben...


  17. Anonymous

    Search for Shops

    Any estimated release date for this upcoming feature?

  18. Hi there,


    Unfortunately not. We are behind our plans due to several other projects. I could wildly guess but this does not help any of us.
    Therefore, sorry, but I can't.

  19. Anonymous

    I think a great feature to add tot he list would be the ability to have subcategories in the Spreadshop.  On the categories page on the admin site we would be able to "nest" categories under each other (set a categories "parent" category). This way, if you have a "Sports" category that's clicked, its' subcategories are displayed (such as Football, Soccer, Baseball, etc.)

  20. Anonymous


    I would like to be able to code the spreadshop home icon to redirect to my own url.

    This would work a little differently than the shop integration redirect (which I have turned on now)

    If I have the social media icon option turned on, and share to my facebook page, the link that is created goes to the product in my spreadshop, not to the product in my embedded spreadshop at my url. (I doubt there's a way to change that) So, if I could change the home icon link to go to my domain url home, then I might still be able to use the social media sharing feature, because there would be a path back to my integrated shop. A somewhat messy solution ... I probably just need to figure out how to code my own sharing icons...

  21. Thank you for this feature request, I added the topic of the home icon to the backlog.

    The social sharing unfortunately can't be optimized due to some facebook dependencies. We share your shop link instead of your own URL as facebook does not read pictures from javascript applications. We hope they will support this soon, so that we can support this in the future.

  22. Anonymous


    Tablomat tool is deprecated?
    It's seem that the result always redirect to the spreadshirt page with header and footer.

    We just need the Tablomat js configurable version like this link:

    How to use the tablomat now?

    Documentation seems wrong.



  23. Anonymous



    how do i report a bug/vulnerability ? no bounty program and or also no form to report a bug.



  24. Anonymous

    Please add to the "Backlog" the item "user-defined setting for maximum design preview size", to avoid designers getting ripped off easily and massively by handing out high-res imagery for no good reason.  Preferably it'd be settable per-design, because design complexity varies.  Thanks.


  25. Hi there,


    we do not have a bounty program implemented and are not planning to do so. We hope that our partners report bugs within the shop out of the motivation to have a bug free shop.

    The topic for the "max preview size" is in the backlog of our image server team. But you have a valid point there.


    Kind regards


  26. Anonymous

    This is an old and serious issue. Not only the current sorting system is very slow and annoying to deal with large number of products, every time I change the price of a design, all the product sorting we take forever to organize is LOST and we have to sort everything again. A more simplified sorting system was promised in the forums for September/2015. January 2017 and still no changes. Any news on this? Thanks!