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The official domains for accessing the API are: 

  • EU platform
    • API -
    • Images -
  • NA platform
    • API -
    • Images -


The API can only be accessed using HTTPS:

User Agent

The API can only be accessed providing a valid User-Agent: 


The API (read, can only be access providing at least an API Key: 

  • Authorization: SprdAuth apiKey=”8e5bb312-9060-446f-ada2-8c319327745a”

Test API Compatibility

You can test that your application works with the new requirements by accessing shop data and providing an X-Api-Key-Test header: 

curl -v ''


curl -H 'X-Api-Key-Test: yes' ''

Now, from there on 

  • switch to HTTPS,
  • provide a User-Agent,
  • provide an API Key (use your own API Key, otherwise we will block you in the near future)

curl -v -H 'X-Api-Key-Test: yes' -H 'User-Agent: MyApp/0.1 (;' -H 'Authorization: SprdAuth apiKey="..."' '' > /tmp/out



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