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The API provides resources in different categories:

  • Security Resources: Resources in that category are about security session creation and deletion (aka platform login and logout).
  • Common Data Resources: Common data resources provide access to countries, currencies and languages used by the platform.
  • Client Settings Resources: Client settings resources provide access to the client settings, like request locale.
  • User Resources: User resources are about accessing user data.
  • Shop Resources: Resources in that category allow you to access shop information and retrieve a user's shops.
  • Inventory Resources: Inventory resources allow you to access all kinds of inventory information, such as product types, print types or font families.
  • Shipping Type Resources: Shipping type resources provide access to shipping types
  • Design Resources: This resources allow to retrieve information about designs and design categories. They also allow to create or update designs.
  • Product Resources: Product resources allow to retrieve product and article information as well as information about article categories. They also allow to create new products.
  • Basket Resources: Basket resources allow you to create and manipulate baskets and basket items.
  • Image Resources: Resources in that category allow you to retrieve all kinds of images for products, designs, product types as well as font data.
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